Offsite Backup of your data

In this post I am going to try to answer a very important question.  How safe is your data?  I’m not talking about how secure your data is from prying eyes, although that is also important, I’m referring to the status of your data in the event of  a disaster like fire, flood, or theft of your computer.  Do you have a backup?

Better yet, do you have an offsite backup?  A basic rule of thumb is to have 3 places where your data is located.

  1. On your computer
  2. On an external backup drive (in house)
  3. At another location (Off site)

If you are only saving data on just one or two in the above list, then your data is not safe.  Here are different scenarios that explain why.

#1: All computer hard drives are susceptible to failure.  So by saving your data only to your computer hard drive, you have no layer of protection.

#2: Having your data backed up to an external hard drive or flash drive is a great idea.  However, store the external drive as far away from your house or office as possible.  You can store it in a fire and water proof safe or at a friends or relatives house.  However, if you continue to #3, you just need store it away from the computer in you house some where so that in the event of a burglary in your house, the thief is less likely to steal the computer along with the backup.

#3: In conjunction with #2 above, this keeps your data as safe as possible.  Office site storage usually includes  a service like iDrive, Crashplan(yea right. Sorry a little bitter about this one), BackBlaze and many others.  For this article, I am not reviewing any of these services, but iDrive comes highly recommended.  This protects you from hard drive crashes, theft, and disasters.  All it takes is you to subscribe to one of these services and download a small program that will upload all your computers important data to the cloud.  It’s really that simple and gives you more than peace of mind

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